The Gallery, Liverpool – Erotic Art Exhibition

January 2012 sees Priapus, the erotic chandelier showcased at Liverpool’s ‘The Gallery’ from January 27th to February 8th.

FRI 27TH JAN: The Erotic Olympiad:
The art of sexual subversion.

A love-fest to celebrate all that is exotically erotic in the arts. This unmissable event enters its second year with its best features proudly forward.

From perfectly upstanding sculptures to beautifully well-hung wall art, the exhibition offers the discerning lover of art a lot to digest and appreciate.

The Erotic Olympiad: The art of sexual subversion.In addition, The Association of Erotic Artists are proud to be working in conjunction with The Gallery Liverpool during this event. ‘The Erotic Awards’ will be sharing their current international exhibition of finalists and there will be a performance by the award-winning ‘Mouse’ whose outrageous show as Goldilocks is world-famous. She will lead the ‘Sex Workers Show ‘n’ Tell’ which will showcase local talent.

For those with an interest in developing their three-dimensional artistic skills, the private view will feature live vaginal casting by sculptor Len Gifford, as well as live music: a transgender live art performance by the renowned Mandy Romero; and the leadership skills of dominatrix Vanessa who will steer the lost, bemused and fascinated between venues.

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