Buffalo Bench

Each Bench is individually handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, carved  from the finest Oak which is treated with a Black pigment based bio resin creating a moisture resilient tactile surface. Embracing voluptuous curved legs resting on bronze stiletto tips, with four discreetly placed nipples cast form a Cornish Pixie in bronze.

The finest Buffalo has been sourced with its excellent temperature adaptation, which adjusts to your body heat and creates the perfect resting place. Firmly held in position with a cross weave of straps and buckles. Dee rings for playtime.

Size Length 88cm x Height 57cm x width 50cm Seat Height 49cm

Other sizes made to your requirements

Materials: European Oak, Bronze, Buffalo, Brass Buckles.

Lead time 6 weeks

For more information please contact Swallow and Bone direct

Side View: Dee rings set on Buffalo seat for playtime!


Top view: Buffalo Hide seat 
Underside View: Cross weave of straps that make up the seat suspension
End View: Curvature of legs and Bronze stiletto tips
Detail: Bronze cast Nipple 
Detail: Bronze Nipple’s and suspension straps